Beautiful castle full of character for groups up to 15 people. The castle stands on a private domain of 3.5 ha. The park is furnished with a fire pit and a large stone BBQ as well as an outdoor area where over 20 people can sit and eat. Around the castle is a forest with hiking trails. The whole domain is fenced off and can only be reached through the gates and the 150-meter-long driveway. The castle is fully equipped and furnished, all according to the Royal theme. The interior itself is not new or luxurious and shows signs of use. In some rooms there is paint or wallpaper coming from the wall. There are 7 bedrooms and 14 beds of which 7 are double beds.  The living rooms have fireplaces and a billiard table. In short, everything you need is available. Perfect for large groups with or without children.


In 1834, the castle was built by Count ‘De Viry’ (French Nobility) as a country retreat for lust, pleasure and hunting.


During the French-Prussian war in 1871, the castle was taken over by the French army. This picture of the battlefield shows the castle in the upper right corner.


At the end of WWII, the castle fell into the hands of Nazi Germany and the environment was the scene of one of the most bloody battlefields that led to the victory of the Allies. This battle is also known as the Battle of the Bulge.


After the German defeat, the castle was sold by the French government to a wealthy Parisian Bourgeoisie family. In this picture they pose on the stairs in front of the castle.


Since 2012 ‘Château du Comte De Viry’ is rented out and unforgettable times are experienced by guests from all over the world.




  • Large unfurnished cellar

    Ground floor:

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Lounge
  • Billiard room

    First floor:

  • The Marie-Antionette room (1 x king-size bed + 1 x single bed)
  • The Chinese Room (1 x king-size bed)
  • The Oriental Room (1 x king-size bed)
  • Bathroom (luxury bath, shower and sink)
  • Tower room equipped as bathroom (with shower, washbasin and toilet)

    Second floor:

  • The Blue Room (1 x double bed + 2 x single bed)
  • The Golden Room (1 x king-size bed)
  • The Louie XIV Room (1 x double bed + 2 x single bed + bunk bed)
  • The Pink Room (1 x double bed)
  • Bathroom (with shower, sink and toilet)


  • Large non-furnished attic

    There are 7 bedrooms with a total of 21 beds. There are also enough supplies available to accommodate more than 21 people.

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