Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions

Declare, with due observance of the following conditions and those stated overleaf, that the Lessor has agreed to hire out articles 1 to 8 to tenant and tenant from landlord for use Castle Experience in Bazeille in France, excluding some of the storage areas indicated in the building, together with the associated land, all contents and inventory and everything related thereto for the reserved period to use a total of up to 21 people, for the rental price paid.

The tenant declares that he/she has paid a deposit of € 700,- (including the cleaning costs of € 185,-).


  1. Rent

The agreed rental price is only for the period as stated and applies only if the number of persons specified by the tenant does not exceed the number stated. The rent includes the cost of water, but excludes the use of electricity, heating oil and final cleaning.

  1. Payment

Tenant declares that he/she has received the invoice for the hire price and that he/she has paid 100% of the hire price.

  1. Cancel/Termination

The landlord has the right to cancel this agreement if the tenant has not paid or has not paid on time, or if the tenant has not or not properly complied with one of the conditions of this agreement, explicitly including involving Castle Experience with more persons than the number of persons specified by the tenant as mentioned above. If, after signing this agreement, the lessee requests the dissolution of the agreement, the lessor will be entitled to pay the lessee a part of the agreed rental price.

to be charged, i.e., as a percentage of the total rental price: up to 30 days before the start of the rental period 50%, from the 14th before the start of the rental period 75%, from the 5th day to the day of arrival 100%.

  1. Security deposit

Hirer declares that he/she has paid a deposit to the lessor before the start of the rental period and/or the receipt of the keys of Castle Experience, as mentioned in the rental agreement. The landlord declares that he will refund this deposit to the tenant via bank at the end of the rental period after deduction of any costs as mentioned and referred to in this agreement. Hirer agrees to withhold part or all of the deposit to cover such costs incurred or to be incurred by the lessor.

  1. Liability

Hirer declares that he/she is responsible for Castle Experience during the rental period and is jointly and severally liable for all obligations associated with this rental agreement. The tenant accepts full liability for any damage to Castle Experience caused or caused by the tenant or by his actions or omissions, any damage whatsoever, including any commercial damage that may occur if Castle Experience cannot be leased to others after the rental period as a consequence of items caused or omitted by the tenant during the use of Castle Experience. The tenant also indemnifies the landlord against third party claims for damage or injury to persons authorised by the tenant to enter Castle Experience which occurs within or on the premises of Castle Experience and within the rental period. Hirer declares that he/she is adequately insured for such consequences.

  1. Use of Castle Experience

The landlord declares that Castle Experience will be renting exclusively to tenants during this period.

Tenant agrees to use Castle Experience as befits a good tenant and in accordance with the normal purpose of Castle Experience. The tenant knows that Castle Experience is only for the use of the tenant and their company and will not allow others to use Castle Experience, whether for payment or free of charge.

The tenant declares to respect the instructions and/or directions of the lessor with regard to the use and to use all equipment, etc., in accordance with the instructions for use. Tenant agrees not to make any changes to Castle Experience and to keep Castle Experience in a good state of repair. At the end of the rental period, tenant will leave Castle Experience as he/she found it, in accordance with the house rules. Tenant declares that he/she has received these house rules.

  1. Inventory

Hirer declares that he/she has established and agrees to the inventory of Castle Experience if he/she does not notify the lessor within six hours of entering Castle Experience for the first time that the inventory is not correct.

If at the end of the rental period one or more objects are missing or damaged, then the cost of repair or supplement will be borne by the tenant.

  1. Advertising and copyright

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This agreement is governed by Belgian law. All disputes that may arise as a result of this agreement will exclusively be subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Mechelen.

  1. Applicable law/litigation


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